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about Snow, the best selling beer in the world

Now that we’re on the subject of drinking, I came across this CNN article about the best selling beer in the world. Apparently it not my home town’s Heineken, nor is it any of the American bestsellers Coors, Bud or Miller. It’s not even Tsingtao, the brand that I thought was would have a good shot at the number 1 since it’s consumed by a large share of the people in China.

None of that. The best selling beer is a Beijing-based lager by the name of Snow. Apparently, it’s a big hit in mainland China. And that helps in generating volume for sure. And for as far as taste goes, it sounds like it doesn’t do under for the aforementioned American ‘classics’: “I think it’s light, crisp and refreshing. Very good as an initial thirst-quencher. But to be honest, once you have a couple of them, you’d tend to go for a heavier beer.”

about the magical combination of film and snow

Film and snow. Snow and film. Other than Christmas movies you probably wouldn’t really link the two. Well, think again.


Brian Maffitt, an ‘Experimental Photographer and Motion Graphics Guy’ from Chestnut Ridge, New York married the two in a very unusual but visually stunning way. During the Nemo blizzard that haunted New York over the weekend, Brian pointed his movie projector at the snow and played the movie ‘The Lorax’, assuming that kids movies would have the greatest color saturation for maximum effect. And he was right: the results are pretty incredible.

(source: The Atlantic, images & video Brian Maffitt)