about a roller coaster that will actually kill you

I’m not to keen on roller coasters, and that’s an understatement. I like my coasters on a table, topped with a nice beer. But for those of you who ride them and might have thought at some time: I’m gonna die. Well, you haven’t been on the Euthanasia Coaster – the only roller coaster that will actually kill you. Guaranteed.

“The design begins with a steep-angled lift to the 510-metre (1,670 ft) (0.317 mile) top, which would take two minutes for the 24-passenger train to reach.[1] From there, a 500-metre (1,600 ft) drop would take the train to 360 kilometres per hour (220 mph), close to its terminal velocity, before flattening out and speeding into the first of its seven slightly clothoid inversions.[3] Each inversion would have a smaller diameter than the one before in order to maintain 10 g to passengers while the train loses speed. After a sharp right-hand turn the train would enter a straight, where unloading of corpses and loading of new passengers could take place.”