about M Night Shyamalan’s biggest twist

Pretty sure you didn’t see this one coming.

“When asked if audiences come to expect a trademark twist at the end of every movie he is involved in, Shyamalan said: “You’re saying the audience’s relationship started with me with The Sixth Sense. That same year I wrote Stuart Little. I ghost-wrote a movie that same year that would even add to the breadth of it all. I ghost-wrote the movie She’s All That.


He. Wrote. She’s. All. That.

(via Anne “She’s All That” Tretin.)

about #JOMO

I’m sure you’ve heard of FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out, which has fairly recently been linked to the craziness that digital has brought to people’s lives, and the continues stream of impulses that come our way 24/7. So of course it couldn’t be long before someone invented an anti-movement, and here it is: JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out.

Do you revel in not being connected? Do you enjoy your moments without tweets, updates and texts? Do you feel a sensation of happiness when your phone dies? Then you, my friend, are living the #JOMO lifestyle. Feel free to keep following this blog though.

(via the never-missing-out-on-anything Melanie.)

about Snow, the best selling beer in the world

Now that we’re on the subject of drinking, I came across this CNN article about the best selling beer in the world. Apparently it not my home town’s Heineken, nor is it any of the American bestsellers Coors, Bud or Miller. It’s not even Tsingtao, the brand that I thought was would have a good shot at the number 1 since it’s consumed by a large share of the people in China.

None of that. The best selling beer is a Beijing-based lager by the name of Snow. Apparently, it’s a big hit in mainland China. And that helps in generating volume for sure. And for as far as taste goes, it sounds like it doesn’t do under for the aforementioned American ‘classics’: “I think it’s light, crisp and refreshing. Very good as an initial thirst-quencher. But to be honest, once you have a couple of them, you’d tend to go for a heavier beer.”

that José González is also Junip

Remember José González? The talented Argentine-Swedish singer/songwriter that stole a lot of hearts with his The Knife cover ‘Heartbeats’? Well, he’s back. And even though I had been listening to his new work for months now, I had no clue it was. Apparently, he’s been part of a band called ‘Junip’ for a couple of years now and has been releasing two records under that name. Especially the last album, the eponymous ‘Junip, captured me. If you’re not familiar yet, give ‘Line of Fire’ a listen.

José González – Heartbeats (in the Sony commercial)

Junip – Line of Fire

that drinking more can be a sign of intelligence

Found yourself drinking again last night? Don’t fret. It’s just a sign of your massive intelligence levels. (Aka: that was a smart decision). According to two studies quoted by The Week Magazine, there is a correlation between how smart you are and how much you drink. Potential reasons include evolution, early adoption, making up for boring early years, and probably the one that’s easiest to relate to: dealing with the morons:

“Drinking is the only way to deal with morons: Smart people “booze so we can tolerate everyone else,” says Greg at Food & Wine Blog. When sober, we tend to “take people’s responses at literal face value.” But after a few drinks, “we can relax a bit, stop being so anal with semantics and let comments slide a bit.””

what happened to Terence Trent D’Arby

Well, apparently he disappeared completely. After his big success and a couple of albums that bombed, he legally took on the name he had been using during the couple of years he was away from recording: Sananda Maitreya.

As Sananda, he released a lot of music that is apparently best described as “baffling, uneven, and wonderful” as well as “all over the place”. One thing is for sure. He still has got one hell of a voice:

how much a Spotify stream is worth

Remember the whole “Lady GaGa has a super hit and only made $100 off of the millions of Spotify streams” story from a year or two ago? Well, someone took the time to actually investigate how much exactly artists get for publishing their music on Spotify.

The answer? $0.005. That’s not a lot, although the author makes the point that no one just streams a song they like just one time. Beyond that, it’s obvious that the music industry has changed considerably and that artists (as unfortunate as that may be for some of them) have to embrace this paradigm shift: actual sales of music is just part of their potential income.


PS: Did I already plug my Spotify Playlists? No? Well, here’s your daily dose of fresh new music.

that non-smoking rooms are not all that… smoke-free

Attention travelers: if you’re really concerned about not inhaling second-hand smoke, you’re best off going to a completely smoke-free hotel, according to a new study.

“Staying in a nonsmoking room in a hotel that allows smoking elsewhere does not prevent exposure to tobacco smoke, a new study reports. At their worst, levels of tobacco air pollutants were almost five times as high in nonsmoking rooms as they were in rooms of nonsmoking hotels, and pollution of surfaces was up to 25 times as high. In some cases, nonsmokers who stayed in nonsmoking rooms had signs of nicotine exposure in their urine that were more than twice as high as those of nonsmokers who stayed in nonsmoking hotels.”